Friday, June 11, 2010

Free App Friday

Today I want to discuss my three-year-0ld’s favorite application for iPhone or iPod Touch. 

Gadgets Required:  iPhone or iPod Touch.


Feed Me-Pencilbot Preschool is easy to use and fun.  The goal is to feed the little monster the food he is thinking about.


You have to be careful because if you feed him the wrong food, he might get sick. 


When you have fed him enough of the correct foods, you can win trophies.   The questions in the game target the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes.

The animations are colorful and the little monster is bright and funny.  When my daughter picks up my iPod, Feed Me is always one of the first apps she chooses.  

For the professionals in the room:  This app teaches letters, numbers, colors and shapes, as well as, some categorization.

If you are reading this on Friday, June 11th, don’t forget to stop by Moms with Apps for their Friday app review.   Today they are featuring a free application for the Android phone:  Kids Riddles by Okenko Books

Thanks for stopping by.  Until next time…

:) Deb

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