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Web Sources for Speech Therapy Catalogs

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Are you drowning in ink, or being smothered in speech therapy catalogs?  I receive many catalogs in the mail and quickly file them away (in the file cabinet or the circular file).  In an attempt to unsmother (not found in the dictionary) and declutter (found in the dictionary), I created a document that lists my speech/language catalog web sites.

In addition to decluttering my home and my office, I can now recycle my catalogs and save a tree.  I can also stop receiving catalogs in the mail and save a second tree.   If you, too, are interested in saving a tree, the web site  offers a way to stop receiving unwanted catalogs in the mail.  It’s sort of like the Do Not Call List of catalogs. 

Here is my disclaimer:  I have purchased items from some, but not all of these sources.  Please view this list as possible resources, as opposed to recommended sites/catalogs based on my personal shopping experience.

Sites for purchasing speech/language products in alphabetical order: assistive technology products

Abilitations- equipment for balance, mobility, positioning, furniture, play, communication, sensory solutions, fine motor and body works; accessed through

Academic Communication Associates- speech and language materials, special education books, bilingual speech therapy products, and software

Achievement Products- therapy, exercise and special education products for children with special needs books, movies, music, games, electronics, toys,

Attainment- assistive technology, software, curriculum

Beyond Play- early intervention toys for SLT, OT and PT

Constructive Play Things- educational toys for children

Discount School Supply- educational toys, supplies, equipment

Don Johnston- assistive technology

Dynavox- assistive technology

Enabling Devices- assistive technology

Integrations- accessed through products for sensory integration, attention, behavioral difficulties

LinguiSystems Inc.- products for speech-language pathology and learning disabilities, also free CEU’s and research on request

Mayer-Johnson- assistive technology, Boardmaker, educational resources

Oriental Trading Co- crafts, teaching supplies, reinforcers

Prentke Romich- assistive technology

Pro-Ed Inc.- therapy materials, books, tests

Scholastic-children’s books, educational materials

SpeechBin- accessed through products for speech/language and communication

Super Duper Publications-speech language therapy products, tests and software

Therapro Inc.- therapy products for SLT, OT and PT

Therapy Shoppe- OT material, sensory materials, some SLT materials

If you are looking for an utterly exhaustive list of online sources for therapy materials, ASHA has a very detailed online buyers guide that lists hundreds of web sites (well, I didn’t count but believe me there are a lot of sites listed).

That’s all from me for today.  If you have any additional web sites for therapy products, I would love to hear about them in the comments section.

Until next time…

:) Deb

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