Sunday, March 20, 2011

Speech Therapy Theme of the Week

I have been trying to make some of my therapy planning easier by picking a theme for the week. Last week’s theme was St. Patrick’s Day and included Shamrocks, Pots of Gold, Rainbows and Leprechauns.  Here are a few pics of the activities from last week in my Speech Room:

P1010184  P1010183 


In honor of March Madness, this week’s theme is basketball.  Heading into this weekend I was excited about my basketball theme, but then my team lost.  I was almost depressed enough to give up on my theme.  Alas, the show must go on, so here are a few things I have planned for this week.

bbbuddies We will be making Basketball Buddies from  Here’s what I will target: following directions, body part vocabulary, clothing vocabulary, cutting skills, glue skills, requesting, color labels and ID. 





basketball-court We will also be making basketball hoops,based on this idea from Easy Kids Crafts

Here’s what I will target: basketball vocabulary, following directions, sequencing, location concepts, cutting skills, counting by 2’s, requesting, and following a picture schedule. 



14This connect the dot worksheet will be a nice way to target letter ID and sound symbol relationships.   You can print in out at







ABC teach has a variety of basketball themed activities.  I plan to use their basketball cloze activity to target auditory processing and vocabulary skills and their basketball game board for articulation practice.

basketball_2  basketball

With some of my older students, I will visit the NCAA Men’s Basketball March Madness web page.  I will utilize this site to target discussing a current event, and various reading skills (decoding, fluency, comprehension), as well as listening skills (listening for main ideas, recall of details, story re-telling).  I personally won’t be using the bracket as a therapy tool, however, I do think it can be a great resource.  It could be used to research team statistics, target predicting skills and for problem solving. 

Finally, I will be using our basketball hoop that is in the “gym.”  Not only will this alow us to leave the therapy room and move around, but it will also serve as a great positive reinforcer for completing therapy tasks.  Who knows, I may even challenge a few of the kids to a game of HORSE.   Hopefully I will have more luck than my alma mater, and maybe actually win a game or two. 

Do you have any favorite March Madness activities you would like to share? 

That's all from me for today.  Until next time…

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