Monday, April 4, 2011

What’s on my iPad: AlphaBELCH

AlphaBELCH is a book app.  The story was written by Stephen White and he describes AlphaBELCH as an “A to Z book about animals who burp.”  My kids at home and at work love this app.  Why?  Because it is about burping, of course.  What child doesn’t think it is hysterical to talk, or in this case read, about burping. 

 AlphaBELCH - A Children's Book About Burps 

The book is a delightful, rhyming story that takes us through each letter of the alphabet, showing us animals who burp.  The illustrations are colorful and humorous.  Each page allows you to press one button to hear the story narration and another button to hear the funny animal burp sounds.

The last two pages of the book talk about children and parents, reminding us that we burp, too, but we must remember to say excuse me. 


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AlphaBelch .99 **** 1/2 Price; colorful, humorous illustrations; engaging for children; target social skills in a fun and funny way. Potential to encourage your kids to burb and laugh.

What to target with this App:  Identification of uppercase letters; sound symbol relationships; rhyming; animal vocabulary; wh questions; social skills including manners, polite forms & humor.

Speech Gadget video clip of AlphaBELCH as read by SLP and child:


  1. Thank you so much for the video! I am definitely using this one with my special little ones. Wonderful!

  2. Thanks for the video. It makes it much easier to decide whether this is something that would appeal to my child.

  3. Thanks for your comment. I hope you will enjoy the app!

  4. As the author of the book (Stephen White), thanks so much for the nice write-up! I love the idea that AlphaBELCH could be used in a fun therapeutic context for kids. My grown daughter works in speech therapy, and I personally care a lot about anything having to do with language and diction for kids. And, of course, having fun!

    I've had really positive feedback from a lot of people saying they enjoy the app...and that genuinely makes it all worthwhile for me!

  5. Stephen, thanks for sharing. I hope you will continue to create more fun and engaging apps for children.


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