Monday, October 1, 2012

A Speech Room Tour

I can't believe it has been over a month since I have written a post.  No, scratch that.  I can believe it.  Starting a new job, plus my kids going back to school and starting at a new day care center adds up to one busy month.  Add in the fact that I am now teaching Sunday School (I just don't know how to say no) and one of my kids was very ill and in the hospital.  Well, let's just say September is one month that I am glad has passed.

As September comes to a close I feel that I am falling into a routine at my new job and I no longer walk into work each day feeling like the new girl.  In my last post, I talked about getting organized for school to start.  Today I want to take you on a tour of the room where I have been working for the past month.  I love seeing pictures of other speech rooms and classrooms, so I thought I would share with you.  My room is still a work in progress, however, I am now at a point where I at least know where to find everything. 

Let's start by walking into my room.   This is a picture of my door.    I know it's a little boring.  I can't really put anything on the door that identifies my room as "the speech room" due to DOE regulations.  I am planning to decorate the door with some student artwork as the year progresses.  For now, it is simple but lets people know where to find me.

This next picture shows "Miss Deb's corner" of the room.  I tell the kids this is my corner so that they don't invade my space.  Actually, I mostly tell them that because there is frequently a cup of coffee sitting somewhere in this corner.  Shhh, don't tell anyone I bring my coffee to my desk.  My desk only has one small drawer that doesn't fit much more than my pens and my scissors.  In the middle of my desk top, you can see my office supply organizer that I showed you in my last post.  Having used it for a month I can say I really love it.  If you are short on desk drawers, like I am, go buy one of these organizers.  You won't be sorry. 

In this photo, you can see the bins I purchased at Target and shared in my last post.  I labeled them with the days of the week.  Inside them I place any materials that I will need for that day's lessons. They sit on plastic drawers that are to the right of my desk.  Above them you can see my little window.  I have said this before and I will say it again.  I am so excited to have a window. The blue curtains were there when I moved in.  It is nice to be able to close the curtains when students are outside on the playground which is outside my window.

The next photo shows the shelf that is located to the right of my desk.  It holds most of my work books and my binders.  I am not in love with the color of this shelf.  If I had the time, I would really like to take this outside and give it a nice coat of spray paint.  Maybe that will be a project for next summer. 

As I said, my binders live on this shelf.  I love my binders.  Binders are another great way to stay organized.  I previously keep my papers inside my file cabinets.  I find it is so much easier to find what I need now that I have these binders.  I created the side labels and also some really cute front labels that I will share those with you in a future post.

Next is a picture that shows my table and my white board.  My table is actually two tables pushed together.  I am not wild about it, but it works ok in the space.  I wanted to get rid of one of the tables, however, I found that one table didn't offer enough space for my larger groups.  My solution was to keep both tables together and push them up against the wall. In the middle of the table I keep my dollar buckets with craft/writing supplies.  It is nice to have everything close at hand and my preschoolers are actually really good about  not playing with the supplies. 

Above my table is my white board.  It really is a large white board.  It takes up almost my whole wall.  Because my guys are so little, I don't write on the board very often, so I use it more as a large bulletin board.  On the white board are my speech room rules, my Whole Body Listening pictures, and my speech tree. 

I took this picture of my speech tree a couple of weeks ago.  The tree is now decorated with apples to go along with our current apple theme.  The tree was so easy and inexpensive to make.  The tree trunk is actually made from contact paper that has a wood grain.  I had this paper at home.  It was left over from a time when I was lining the shelves under my bathroom sinks.  The green part of the tree is bulletin board paper that I got for free at school.   As the year progresses and we move through the seasons, I will change my tree to reflect the change of seasons.  Stay tuned for pics next month as I change it into a fall leaf tree. 

This shelf is on one side of my tables.  On the shelf I keep most of my boxed therapy materials and my baskets of books. The books are sorted by topic or theme so that I can quickly find what I need.  In the back of this picture, you can see my large toy and game shelf.  I wanted to cover the large shelf with a piece of fabric to reduce the "distraction factor."  I haven't covered it yet because I am having a difficult time finding fabric that is "certified fire resistant."  My school has strict fire safety rules.  We also aren't allowed to have 3-D bulletin board displays or anything hanging from the ceiling.  It limits my decorating options, however, safety comes first.


This next picture shows my owl bulletin board.  I case you haven't noticed, I will tell you I have a bit of an owl theme going on in the room.  This owl board was another easy to make and inexpensive bulletin board. I created it with clip art from Scrappin Doodles.  I simply printed out the clip art and laminated it.  I created the words in Power Point, printed them out and laminated them.  It is hard to read in the photo, but the words say "Look Whooo uses good speech." The blue background is bulletin board paper that I got for free at school.  Each one of my kiddos has their own owl chart that is stapled on this bulletin board.  They earn stickers for their owl chart every time they work hard in the speech room.  It is amazing how motivating a small sticker can be for a preschool student. 

Last but not least, is a picture of the side of one of my filing cabinets.  This cabinet is very old and the side of it was scratched and rusty.  I tried to make it look a little nicer by covering it with contact paper.  As you can see, I did not do a perfect job.  I have some wrinkles and bubbles that I need to go back and fix, however, it still looks much better than the rusty metal.  On the side, I keep my pocket charts with PECS.  These pocket charts were purchased at the Target Dollar Spot.  I bought them last year, however, I have seen them in the Dollar Spot at other times.

Well that is the fifty cent tour of my room.  I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the things in my room as well as some of my organizational strategies.  If you have a blog or website where you have posted pictures of your speech room, please post a link so we can stop by for a visit.

Thanks for spending some time in my speech room with me.  Until next time...
:) Deb


  1. just curious...we can't post anything that identifies our rooms as speech rooms accrding to DOE guidelines? I never knew that. Guess there are some signs that need to come down!

  2. Yes, we are not supposed to identify the room as the speech room. It goes along with privacy and not having the students identified as children with IEPs or specialized services. If DOE comes through and sees the rooms labeled, they may site the school. I do have speech related bulletin boards inside my room.


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