Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Parent Contact through Therapy Update Sheets

In my last post, I shared my October homework and discussed trying to keep parents informed.  There are so many items that require our time and the last thing we need is more paperwork.  Without paperwork, however, it is difficult to keep parents informed about our therapy sessions.  In an effort to keep parents up to date, I created a therapy update sheet that let's parents know what we practiced during our speech sessions. 

I utilize the top of the form to outline what we practiced and the bottom part to assign homework.  It only takes me a couple of minutes to fill out the form.  I write the date at the top and circle the appropriate items or pictures.  I typically fill out the forms at the end of my sessions when my students are cleaning up and selecting their stickers for their sticker charts.   I don't send new homework every time I send an update.  Sometimes I write simple statements like, "continue practicing k words."  Some days I am pressed for time and I don't fill out the update sheets.  I usually try to send at least one update home per week.  So far, I have gotten all positive feedback from my students' parents about the updates.  Many of them have even taken the time to write me a quick note telling me, "thank you so much for the updates." 
If you would like a copy of my form for your personal use, you can find it here.  The symbols I used are from  If you don't already subscribe to LessonPix, you really should.  I use the web site for everything from symbols for AAC to visual schedules to articulation practice sheets.  I also frequently use the web site to create visuals to accompany my monthly themes, as well as visuals to accompany my literacy units and books. 
How to you keep parents informed about your therapy sessions?  Do you also send home written updates?  We would love for you to share your thoughts or ideas.
That's all from me for today.  Until next time...


  1. Thanks for sharing your materials and ideas. I have a question about lessonpix. I also have a subscription and love it! But, one of my "peeves" has been that you can't "make up" your own worksheet, just use the templates already there. However, it looks like you've figured out how to use their pics and customize a worksheet. Can you share with me how you did that? Feel free to contact me by email, Thanks.

  2. I do the same thing on my homework sheets!


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