Monday, November 26, 2012

Wrapping up November with Pizza

Time sure flies at work these days.  It seems I barely have a minute to photocopy homework let alone even think about writing a blog post.  November sped by for me both at work and at home.  I can't believe that Thanksgiving is over and we are moving into December.  November in my speech room focused on the following pre-school themes: farm, food, Thanksgiving and turkeys. 

This week I am wrapping up my November themes.  I have one more food related lesson to do this week with our OT.  Each week, our OT and I conduct a group that we call our Sensory Motor-Language group.  Our groups are based on themes that coordinate with the preschool curriculum.  Most weeks, we have an obstacle course, a song, a book, and coordinating activities.  This week our theme is pizza.  During the month of November, our preschool classrooms have been talking about foods and pizza.  They read Pete's a Pizza and other pizza stories, they cooked pizzas, they created pizza parlors in the pretend areas of the classroom and they made pizza crafts.

I created an open ended pizza game to go with this theme.  I have used it for articulation and language practice.  You can down load it here:

I hope you can use and enjoy this game with your speech kiddos. If you download and use it, please feel free to leave me a comment.

If you are looking for more pizza related speech materials, check out this category game from Brea at Let'sTalkSpeech-LangaugePathology.

My December themes are going to be gingerbread, reindeer and Christmas related.  I am crossing my fingers that I will have time to share some of my December speech ideas with you.  I am excited to download some pre-made activities at the Teachers Pay Teachers sale this week.  I have already added some of my favorite speech items to my wish list.

That's all from me for today.
Until next time...
:) Deb


  1. I would love some more information on how you run your sensory motor language group with your OT
    I am a SLT working in a school in Singapore

  2. Love the pizza printables and the sensory group! Do you have access to ovens/a kitchen to carry out cooking tasks?? I wrote a post on making a real pizza a while back---probably too complicated to make in school, (unless you are lucky enough to have the tools necessary) I like to share the recipes with my speech families so they are supporting language--and good health at home. You can take a look at my pizza and language activities that tie in with it, Will definitely be using your printables. thank you! Rose (

  3. Hi ladies. Thanks for commenting. If there is interest, I can write a post about our sensory/motor/language group. We have group tomorrow, so I will try to take pictures. Rose Ann, unfortunately I don't have access to the kitchen in my current school. The teachers bring in mini toaster ovens, pop corn poppers or other small appliances. Pizza in the classroom was english muffins with sauce and cheese. I wish we could do more cooking at school, however, allergies and no kitchen access prevent it. Thanks for the link to your blog. I can't wait to check out your pizza!

    1. I would love you to post about the group! Thanks
      Melanie- SLT Singapore


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