Below are some resources and lists of apps that are useful for speech therapy and for general speech and language development.  It is my goal to continue to add to this list over time, so be sure to check back periodically for new apps and links. 
This is a Google Doc that I have been working to compile. It is a work in progress and I am continuing to add to the document. Apps are listed by categories such as articulation, vocabulary, literacy, etc. This particular document is meant to be just a listing of apps. It is not meant as a review of apps. I have not used all of the apps on the list, so being listed does not mean that I recommend the app.  Apps that I recommend are marked by red text in the document. For more in depth reviews of apps, please look for app review posts on this blog, or visit some of the resources I have posted below. If you would like to contribute apps to the list, feel free to send me an email at

If you want tips on where to find speech therapy apps, here is a post I wrote:  How to Find Speech Therapy Apps.

Here are some of my favorite Apps for Speech and Language

Articulate it!      Pocket Artic     Pocket Pairs     Minimal Pairs Academy

App Reviews On Speech Gadget: Here is a listing of apps that I have reviewed on this blog.
abc Pocket Phonics
Alpha Belch
Clicky Sticky Easter
Fisher Price See N Say
LEGO Super Hero Movie Maker
Listening for Absurdities
Profile of Phonological Awareness
Sentence Builder Teen
Super Duper Data Tracker

TherapyApp411 was started as a joint venture between myself and 3 of my #SLPeeps.  The original vision was to develop a site where professionals and educators could submit reviews of apps.   We are always looking for OTs, PTs, SLPs and Educators to write app reviews. It is OK to submit reviews that have already appeared on your personal or professional blogs. Please visit the site if you are interested in sharing some of your app reviews:  TherapyApp411com.

Apps Reviewed on
AbcPocketPhonics: letter sounds & writing + first words
Action Movie FX
Art Maker
Articulate it!
Articluation Station
Attainment Switch
Auditory Workout
Bag Game
Bla Bla Bla
ClickySticky Halloween
Comprehension Therapy
Conversation Builder
Doodle Buddy
Doodle Cast Kids/Pro
Easy Concepts
FitQuest Lite
Garageband for iPad
Helicopter Taxi
House of Learning
ICOON Global Picture Dictionary
iWrite Words
Language Adventures
Language Builder
LEGO Super Hero Movie Maker
Letter School
Madera and Figaro Save the Day
Make Dice
More Buffet!
More Grillin!
Move Like Me
My First AAC
My Playhome
Painting with Time
PDF Notes
Pocket SLP Articulation
A Present for Milo
Profile of Phonological Awareness
Quick Talk
Sentence Builder Teen
Scribble Press
The Social Express
Speak for Yourself
Speech with Milo: Verbs
Story Kit
Tap to Talk
The Shopping Cart Game
Toca Tea Party
Writing TherAppy

Here is a list of apps from other SLPs, professionals and parents.
Apps for SLPs by
The SLP App List by Speech Techie
Autism Apps by Autism Speaks
iPad Apps for Autism by Squidalicious
Apps for Special Education by Eric Sailers
iPod/iToch/iPhone/iPad and Therapy by Cindy L. Meester
Apps A to Z by Apps for Children with Special Needs
There's a Special App for That by Innovate
iPhone, iPad Apps for AAC by Spectronics
TCEA Recommended iPad Apps
The SLP Apps List
Consonantly Speaking App Lists

Thank you to all the wonderful SLP's, parents and teachers who take the time to review and compile these amazing lists of applications!

If you know of a great list of apps, of if you would like me to include a list you have created, please feel free to share them with us. 

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